Throwback Thursday: one ugly 80’s kid!!!

This picture was taken at homecoming game, I think, at Longwood High School in Suffolk County, New York, in the very early 1980’s.  This would have been the site of the “old” high school, at the end of Smith Road on Longwood Road, and not the “new” school building to which we moved in the late 80’s.

The furry fella is our school mascot, the Longwood Lion; that off-putting lily-white waif you see is me.  (God does not equally bless all children with pleasing appearances.)  I think I still remember that gray sweatshirt, and the oversized black digital watch.  (In the age before home computers, those cheap little doodads were considered a bit fancy.)

It’s a good thing I wasn’t smiling here.  Roughly half my body weight at the time resulted from my oversized teeth and gums, and that was not a pretty thing to look at.  My school picture could have redefined the term “Gummi” in a categorically horrible fashion.  I looked like somebody had cross-bred a “‘Nilla Wafer” with Ridley Scott’s “Alien.”  Or maybe crossbred John Carpenter’s “Village of the Damned” with David Cronenberg’s “The Fly.”  I’m serious.



I really don’t care weather you like these jokes …

Yeesh, my heart goes out to anyone today who might have seasonal affective disorder.

I’m sure it doesn’t help that the sky outside is the color of the grim reaper’s ass in a poorly lit room.

Seriously, look outside your window right now.   It’s like God’s ashtray.  If Crayola made a new gray color and named it “F***ing depression,” then that would be it.

Peeking Cat Poetry Magazine features “Our Room In Brooklyn”

The September 2016 Issue of Peeking Cat Poetry Magazine was just released, with pieces both by me and by a couple of good friends of mine.  You can find my poem, “Our Room In Brooklyn,” on page 14.  Be sure also to check out “Bacchus and Cheap Tobacco,” by Dennis Villelmi, as well as “Antidote,” by Scott Thomas Outlar.

You can purchase the September Issue in right here, or you can simply download a free electronic copy in PDF format here.



Peeking Cat Poetry Magazine Issue 18 - September 2016

Publication Notice: Peeking Cat Poetry Magazine to feature “Our Room In Brooklyn”

I’m honored once again to share that another poem of mine will be published by Peeking Cat Poetry Magazine.  The upcoming September 2016 issue will include “Our Room In Brooklyn.”  This is a piece that I authored many years ago; it was first featured by Dagda Publishing in 2013.

Thanks to Editor Samantha Rose for allowing me to be a part of of the terrific creative community over at Peeking Cat!