Cover of Myron Kosloff’s “Running Wild,” by artist Eric Stanton, 1963

The artwork for mid-twentieth century pulp novels was sometimes “so bad, it’s good.”

Here’s a head-scratcher — the woman on the table is waving her bra around, yet is … also still wearing a bra.  Did she have on two?  Did an editor or art director feel the need to bowlderize the illustration by inking in a (non-matching) bra to cover her breasts?

“Myron Kosloff” was a somewhat puzzling nom-de-plume for author Paul Little.  This was evidently part of the “First Niter” series.



Throwback Thursday: “Batman” (1966 – 1968)

Of course.

Rest easy, Adam West.

No, I wasn’t alive in the 1960’s, but I loved the show’s reruns as a tot in the 70’s — even before I was old enough to read the “CRASHes,” “WHAMs” and “BAMs.”  I also had (and loved) those crudely made dolls made by Mego.  (I’m starting to think that company made every toy before the 1980’s finally arrived.)



Things are getting harey in Roanoke.

Yeah, these guys are everywhere.  As a Roanoke alumbud dryly observed, they multiply like rabbits.

Say what you want about my photography skills, but I think that second shot of the little guy mid-leap is pretty neat.

There is a tiny brown bunny who keeps approaching my door, but racing away whenever I open it.  I haven’t figured out that yet.  He’s like a Mormon with a social anxiety disorder.


20170609_174539 (2)

20170609_174544 (2)

Mary Washington College, Fredericksburg, VA, June 2017 (6)

Pictured are Willard Hall, The Fountain, Woodard Campus Center and New Hall.


My cell phone’s battery died as my Alumbud and I reached the northern end of Mary Washington College’s campus earlier this month.  Hence, there are no pictures of the truly massive Simpson Library/Hurley Convergence Center.  (I swear to you, that entire complex is about the size of the goddam S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier.)


Willard Hall and The Fountain.




Woodard Campus Center.  I don’t remember calling it that when I went to school here in the early 1990’s.  Wasn’t it just “The Student Center?”



The student mailboxes.


Inside Woodard.  The Eagle’s Nest would be down and to the left.  Upstairs was where the fall and spring formals were held.  Those were significant social events back in the day.


I thought this was nice — I’m guessing it’s probably a product of the campus-wide remodeling project.  And it has the college’s correct name!  Beyond it is Seacobeck Dining Hall.


The renovated outdoor deck, another apparent feature of the remodeling project.  I much prefer the unenclosed split-level deck that I remember.



New Hall, old man.  My battery failed also before I could get pictures of the nearby light pole and the Fredericksburg municipal water tower, both of which I climbed on a dare, back in 1994 when I went through my “Spider-Man” phase while residing here. (That’s my senior year dorm room window behind me.)


“The Bridge!”