Sooooo … spring, then?

Is that what these mean?

Because it was pretty cold last night and this morning the wind sounded as though it wanted to take the roof off.






Chester Kallman, Rhoda Jaffe and W. H. Auden, Fire Island, NY, 1950

Source: New York Public Library Digital Collections.



Throwback Thursday: “Rappin’ Rodney” (1983)!

Rodney Dangerfield actually was pretty damn funny, even if I was too young to appreciate his humor when I was a kid.  Not everything he touched turned to gold … I seem to remember a cheesy movie or two.  But this 1983 single was great.  It’s catchy, and its humor still holds up today.

There are a couple of 80’s-tastic cameos in the video, too.  One is Pat Benatar as the leather-clad prison executioner.  (Totally not my thing.)  The other Saturday Night Live’s chain smoking priest, “Father Guido Sarducci” (Don Novello).


Heel me out on this one.

There’s gotta be a way to troll Donald Trump if he succeeds in getting his military parade — while at the same time respecting the servicemen and servicewomen who are obligated to march in it.

What about spectators wearing old sneakers with the heels painted yellow? Yellow is the color associated with cowardice; one of Trump’s five draft deferments during Vietnam was for bone spurs in his heels.



Image result for yellow sneakers


Texas Tavern, Roanoke, Virginia

It isn’t in Texas and it isn’t a tavern.  It’s a family-owned, all-night burger joint that’s been around since 1930.  And it’s awesome.

That shot if Church Street is awful.  But I’m including it anyway, because New Yorkers simply cannot fathom how empty these streets can be — and quiet!  So often Roanoke seems like a scene in “The Quiet Earth” (1985).


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