What are these? Exactly? Grapes?

I know grapes are bigger than these, but … are they still growing?

Nobody trick me into poisoning myself.  Please.  That’s bad netiquette.

All I can think of is that “Simpsons” episode where they lampoon William Golding’s “Lord of the Flies.”  The kids are trapped on an island with no food; Ralph Wiggum eats the local berries and gets sick, helpfully reporting that “they taste like burning.”

These things are growing everywhere in this one patch of woods near me.  I know this sounds nuts, but there also appear to be … raspberries growing in the wild down here in Virginia too.  It’s not far from where I’ve spotted that fox and the occasional deer, as well as geese and goslings.

Virginia people, this kind of thing is totally nuts to a New Yorker.



6 thoughts on “What are these? Exactly? Grapes?

  1. Kathleen Nolan says:

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  2. PorterGirl says:

    They look a bit suspect to me. I would get someone you don’t like very much to try them.

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