Can I scare you this Halloween with 100 words or less?

So you’re busy this Halloween with work or family — maybe you’ll spend the holiday taking the little ones trick-or-treating or to a party?  And maybe you have little time for any genuinely creepy Samhain scares for yourself?

Don’t miss out.  I’m linking here to three “flash fiction” horror stories that I wrote last year; each one is 100 words or less.  They’re packed with maximum malice and fast frights for the busy horror aficionado, so you can get your spook on despite a busy day.

Two were published last October in Microfiction Monday Magazine; a third was self-published right here at the blog on Halloween.


Click here: My flash fiction and microfiction


Photo credit: “Run – zombies are on their way” by Frédéric DUPONT from Yerres, France – Run ! zombies are on their way…. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons.


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