“A Tearless Cry,” by Tejal Jhaveri Moen

Here is a second very nice piece by my friend Tejal.  By the way, she is now a published poet!  Dead Snakes published her poem, “Don’t Touch My Soul,” on October 30th.

Enjoy “A Tearless Cry.”

“A Tearless Cry,” by Tejal Jhaveri Moen

I am grieving the loss of you,
Yet you have not died.
The innocence of the morning mist,
Torn away by your gracious lie.
Abdicating yesterday’s love
Just for the memory of your kiss.
A selfish surrender of an unsettled heart,
Renders a tearless cry.

(c) Tejal Jhaveri Moen 2015


Photo credit: “Morning Mist and Sunshine,” by Imogen Cunningham (flikr) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons.


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