“Oh, Watson. Nothing made me. *I* made me.”

It’s a damn quotable show.  Sir Arthur Conan Doyle would be proud.

And that Cumberbatch guy is a damn fine actor.

I have no idea which original story the title of “The Abominable Bride” is parodying.


17 thoughts on ““Oh, Watson. Nothing made me. *I* made me.”

  1. Sumedha. says:

    Cannot wait for the New Year’s!

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  2. At least twice!! I have been a fan of the character since age 14!!!!

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  3. Sumedha. says:

    Omg! That’s fabulous. I haven’t seen the two episodes of S3. I’m also crazy about #SH. He’s a freaking genius.


  4. Sumedha. says:

    I started watching it from this year. I’m yet to watch the two remaining episodes!!


  5. They’re fantastic. The new big bad, ostensibly replacing Moriarty, is eeeeeevil.

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  6. Sumedha. says:



  7. Sorry!! Typo. The new “Big Bad” (fan-speak for main villain), who is an ostensible replacement for Moriarty, is really evil.

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  8. Sumedha. says:

    How do you know? 😂

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  9. Sumedha. says:

    I really loved Jim Moriarty 😆

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