Throwback Thursday: “The Y2K Bug!”

Who remembers this particular tempest in a teapot?  The biggest computer problem I recall having in 2000 was the crappy, crappy connection speed of my AOL dial-up.  That and losing a connection if I used my landline.

The Y2K bug was less a genuine crisis than it was a … slightly weird excuse for a themed New Year’s Eve party.  Two guys in my little gang on Long Island donned full Haz-Mat suits with fluorescent biohazard symbols spraypainted on them.  Then they lit off fireworks in the street.

No … none of the above party behaviors have any logical connection with any potential computer crisis, as far as I am aware.

I and those particular LI friends are all scattered throughout the South now, but I know there were plenty of pics; I’ve got to get a hold of them.


250451_10152784769735862_8082101101780915706_n     fig2a510YY00SEYL._AC_UL320_SR226,320_

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