Blog Promotion: Porter Girl

Check out the well-deserved praise for “Secret Diary of a Porter Girl,” one of my favorite blogs on the net!

Personally I don’t go for a lot of verbose writing. I believe it comes across as over done or trying too hard. When I read such writing it comes across like Dubai—too much opulence. Or it comes across like a woman with excessive plastic surgery—too fake. Stephen King said, that if you have to search for a word in a thesaurus it is the wrong word. “There are no exceptions to this rule,” he continued.

I agree to a point. I believe that there are times when you are trying to set a tone, create a culture, that you must search or find the words that resonate the language of that culture. It is a difficult thing to do, even if you are a part of that culture.

I will like to introduce you to a blogger that does it very well. She conveys a culture of a world that…

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2 thoughts on “Blog Promotion: Porter Girl

  1. PorterGirl says:

    Thank you my dear, sweet Eric – what a chap you are! Sending hugs across the pond to you x

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