A very quick review of “Time Lapse” (2014)

Despite it being highly recommended, I almost stopped watching “Time Lapse” (2014) after a few minutes.  But I’m glad I stayed with it — it’s a smart, damn fun and unexpectedly dark time-machine tale that transcends its microbudget to become edgy and entertaining.  I’d give it an 8 out of 10.

It begins weakly.  A few strictly average actors perform what seems like a weak script right out of a sitcom doomed to cancellation.  Its premise seems cheesy — three friends discover a mysterious camera that can take pictures of its subject as it will be 24 hours into the future.  Its plot sounds trite and unwieldy.  (They send themselves photographed notes containing advice from their future selves.)  Even the film’s minimalist set (the movie appears to have only two of them) seems to betray the threadbare budget of an earnest-but-average film school project.

But, damn, was I pleasantly proven wrong.  The script turns out to be quite strong, inviting the viewer down a progressively frightening and maddening rabbit hole alongside its characters.  The acting improves, as George Finn settles into his role as the greedy, impulsive and least stable of the trio.  (Trust me, this isn’t just a cliche sci-fi morality tale about greed; the movie has far more to offer than that.)  Then Jason Spisak arrives and masterfully almost steals the entire movie, chewing the scenery as a fabulously frightening bad guy.

The last shot of this movie is absolutely killer.

Seriously, check this film out.  It deserves its positive press, and I guarantee it’ll at least surprise you with how good it becomes.



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