A quick review of “London Has Fallen” (2016)

“London Has Fallen” (2016) includes two very good action sequences.  The first is an establishing major action set piece in which a state funeral in London is the occasion of a major terror attack.  (SPOILER!)  The second is a finale that should really please action fans — it’s fun and exciting to watch; the first-person-shooter style of it actually works, rather than coming across as cheesy.

That’s probably about all the positive things I could say about it … as others warned me, it was a pretty brainless movie.  It’s a thin, poorly scripted story that isn’t nearly in the same league as 2013’s outstanding “Olympus Has Fallen.”  The dialogue is painful to hear.  And that’s especially sad considering that the film’s two fine lead actors (Gerard Butler and Aaron Eckhart) have terrific chemistry with each other.

The terrorists pull off an operation that is logistically incredible in this movie.  No exposition is given about how the @#%$ they accomplished what they did, and in so little time.  (Two years to put those assets in place?)

How does the entire population of London become invisible within minutes — even if they were told to stay indoors?  Why did this movie suddenly turn into “The Quiet Earth” (1985)?

Am I mistaken, or did a Butler’s Secret Service Agent actually tell the terrorists exactly where he and the president were, as part of a macho personal challenge?

And if Butler and Eckhart are alone and on the run on the streets of London, doesn’t it make sense to seek refuge in a random home or apartment?  The odds are astronomical that they person from whom they’d seek quarter would be in league with the bad guys.

I’d rate this movie a 6 out of 10.  Honestly?  I’d really recommend you wait until it comes out on DVD.  Then watch only the opening and closing set pieces, and imagine your own coherent story and engaging dialogue in between.  You’ll enjoy it more.



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