A very short review of “Thinner” (1996)

“Thinner” (1996) was a fun enough outing; I’d give it an 8 out of 10.  You can easily tell that this story originated with Stephen King.  Only he can take an antiquated plot device like a gypsy curse and actually make it frightening.

I do get the sense that screenwriters Michael McDowell and Tom Holland stuck closely to the original novel (which I have not read).  It seems like a character-focused story; I’ll bet the original prose really explored the incongruous friendship between Robert John Burke’s mild-mannered attorney and Joe Mantegna’s apparently psychotic mobster.  I’ll bet that King’s unique style would have perfectly rendered certain plot points in the movie, such as one key conversation being overheard early on.

I feel like an idiot … For the life of me, I thought that actress Kari Wuhrer was Marissa Tomei.  Her resemblance in this movie is striking.  I can’t be the only one who made that mistake, can I?  Anyway, I really panned Wuhrer’s performance in 2005’s disappointing “Hellraiser: Deader.”  But she is damn terrific here in her role as the beautiful banshee adversary — she damn near steals the movie.  Also outstanding is Michael Constantine as her haggard, curse-casting gypsy father.




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