Throwback Thursday: “Cricket” magazine

I was surprised a couple of weeks ago when some friends of mine remembered “Highlights;” does anyone remember “Cricket?”

This is still being published.  (I thought it was a 70’s thing, since I haven’t seen or heard of it since I was a young boy.)  It’s a literary magazine aimed at older children — I had a couple of copies flapping around my bookcase or closet for years.

There was one issue that had an illustration of a young girl riding her bicycle on a pier, and there was a shark in the water swimming along below her.  That drawing both scared me and piqued my interest in … 1978 or 1979 or so.  I couldn’t read it — the story was just beyond my reading level.  This is an incredibly obscure online query, but if anyone knows the title of that story, let me know.  It would really tickle my nostalgia.





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