A few quick words on “Game of Thrones” Season 3

To avoid spoilers, my review of “Game of Thrones” Season 3 will be necessarily brief, dependent as this show so often is on the key betrayals that affect its plot.  In short, I loved it, and I’d give it a 10 out of 10.  I don’t know why I’ve felt so reluctant to do that … maybe because I used to view it as too mainstream, given its zealous and seemingly universal fandom?  This would be a dishonest review if I didn’t admit that I was hooked on the show I used to make fun of.

It has some of the best acting and dialogue in recent memory.  The show might be worth watching for Peter Dinklage and Charles Dance’s verbal sparring, alone, for example.  Now, in this third season, Jon Snow and Daenerys finally evolved into heroes that I could actually root for.  (They seemed a bit thinly rendered up until now.)  I actually cheered when she wiggled that deal to purchase “The Unsullied” slave army.  And there was just more … fun stuff — dragons, White Walkers, melees, surprise attacks, etc.

At times the show feels slow to me — its is still pretty chatty, and neither the White Walkers nor Daenerys’ forces will ever win a war by moving swiftly.  After three years of the show, they’re … still moving south and north, respectively.  Rommel would have routed them easily.

And, at times, “Game of Thrones” is too dark even for me.  The scenes of torture and the bloody betrayals among allies’ sometimes make me think that the writers (or George R. R. Martin himself) simply wish to depress their audience.

Those things can’t prevent me from being just as hooked on this as everyone else, though.  Great stuff.



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