You can’t spell “ennui” without “EN.”

This was placed on my Facebook wall, courtesy of a Mary Washington College Alumnus.  Why did he select ME for this?

I am occasionally surprised at the weird or dark material that people send me with messages like, “Only you would get this,” “Seems like your thing,” or, the grandest caveat of all, “I can’t put this on my wall — maybe you can put it on yours.”

I’m just not sure what that says about how I am perceived by others.


9 thoughts on “You can’t spell “ennui” without “EN.”

  1. PorterGirl says:

    I feel sort of weepy, yet giggly. You have messed with my head. 😉

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  2. Fantastic! Created by a slightly warped but razor sharp mind. Kind of person I would get along with. Great post!

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  3. How many laughing icons can I impress you with? This is fabulous.
    I especially like the last question.
    Or, the “innui” one. My answer would have to be, “Which Time???” lol

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