Faraway Moon Osprey. It’d be a wicked band name.

Is this a good picture?  Or not?

I posted it on my Facebook with the disclaimer that I knew it wasn’t a very good photo.  I saw an Osprey V-22 military aircraft flying past the moon  over my neighborhood the other day, and I thought it would make an amazing shot.  But I still need to learn to work the damn zoom function on my camera phone.  And, as you, can see it didn’t turn out so hot.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Osprey aircraft, it is a kick-ass, high-tech aircraft that is sort of a hybrid between a plane and a backwards helicopter.  It can point its immense rotary blades forward or upward, like a wicked 1980’s G.I. Joe toy, or a goddamn genuine-real-life Transformer.

So a couple of my friends keep “liking” it on Facebook, or commenting that they like my photos, but I’m pretty sure they’re doing so ironically by now.

Bear in mind, some of these people are British.  They have a dry sense of humor, and some of them are inscrutable.  You can hardly tell when these people are making fun of you.  They’re as dryly witty as goddam Benjamin Disraeli, and I’m usually on Facebook before I’ve finished my first cup of coffee.

There is one erudite lass in particular about whom I have grown paranoid.  I just picture her snickering at me while doing British things, like sipping tea and eating crumpets/crickets/rickets/trumpets/whatever while enjoying “Benny Hill” and socialized healthcare and sending telegrams to Churchill about the Blitz.  Seriously.




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