Check out William C. Reichard’s “Once Around Forever.”

I am always happy and wonderfully impressed with the quality of the work received over at The Bees Are Dead.  But we recently featured a story that I especially enjoyed, perhaps because of my preference for dark, cerebral fiction — William C. Reichard’s “Once Around Forever.”

Here’s a description of it from the Facebook page for The Bees Are Dead: From William Reichard comes an apocalyptic tale that is unique – and uniquely horrifying. “Once Around Forever” imagines the perils of discovery, and portrays an existential death so great that it escalates into the literal death of mankind. Here our painful end is ushered in not by alien invaders, but by aliens heralding a new and mercilessly terminal era of human understanding.

“Once Around Forever” is both a smart science fiction tale and an unnerving scary story. Its enduring sense of dread stays in the reader’s memory long after more standard accounts of zombies, bombs or pandemics have faded.

It really is a well crafted tale, and if you enjoy dark science fiction, then I highly recommend you check it out at the link below:

“Once Around Forever”

Infinity Mirror Effect.jpg

Photo credit: By Elsamuko from Kiel, Germany – inf, CC BY-SA 2.0,


One thought on “Check out William C. Reichard’s “Once Around Forever.”

  1. Will says:

    Thank you so much for the support, Eric!

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