“It’s like water lilies drifting through Hell …”

Thus begins Dennis Villelmi’s newly published poem over at The Bees Are Dead, “The Hidden Player (The Starvation Pages: Part 1)”.

From The Bees Are Dead:  “From one of our own… ‘The Hidden Player’ is the first limb of a severed body of work lovingly and darkly devised by our resident writer of all things epic, Gothic and poetic. Dennis Villelmi.

“Inspired, and approved of, by renowned expert on Jack the Ripper, Richard Patterson – this piece lays the first brick of what will be a bloodied cobblestone road of poetic dissection; revealing the evidence of an horrific truth about the true identity of London’s most notorious murderer. Click the link to view an historical dystopia portrayed through a marriage of the bleak and the eloquent in a way that only Villelmi can truly muster…”

Enjoy the start of this superb Gothic poetic series by clicking on the link above!


From Wikimedia Commons:  “Newspaper broadsheet referring to the Whitechapel murderer (later known as “Jack the Ripper”) as “Leather Apron”, published immediately after the murder of Annie Chapman. Note that the details as printed on the broadsheet are inaccurate, since Chapman’s heart was not actually removed.”




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