Throwback Thursday: MPC’s “AT-AT” model kit!

Every kid in America in 1981 wanted that huge “AT-AT” imperial walker toy that Kenner produced for their “Star Wars” figures.  (And, hey, if you still want one — they’re fetching around $300 on eBay.)  Well, I didn’t get they AT-AT toy, but I did receive the below model kit from MPC, which was pretty damned cool.  Its legs and feet were movable; this made it a little more complicated to assemble, but more fun to play with.  It was detailed and looked good.  And it came with a pair of rebel cannon turrets and a pair of the snow speeders we saw in 1980’s “The Empire Strikes Back.”

Just about any photos you’ll find of this model online will be misleading — trust me, it was very small.  (The snow speeders, for example, were about the width of a quarter.)

Models were a much bigger thing in the 1980’s.  Most of them weren’t sci-fi models, like this one — there were far more real-world military tanks, ships, and aircraft, along with a lot of cars.  They simplified grade-school-age birthday parties — a model was always a decent gift to give, and there was always a row or two of them for sale at your local mom-and-pop drugstore.  (I can’t remember seeing any models for sale at a CVS or Rite-Aid.)  Most boys in my neighborhood had at least a couple, although only the older kids who were serious hobbyists would go so far as to paint them.  They were the toys you had to pay attention not to break.





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