Site update. Your thoughts?

Hi, guys.

I just finished reworking the website a bit — mostly trying to create at least a quasi-professional looking Purchasing page, and swapping out most of the public domain photos for my own shots.  (Mine of are inferior quality, of course, but I wanted the site to feel more “mine.”)

If any of you guys feel like perusing the site, and offering constructive feedback, I would be very grateful.  (Be gentle … poets are sensitive creatures, and living in Southwest Virginia has softened me up a bit — everybody is so damn polite!!)

I know most people tend to respond via Facebook, but anyone else can feel free to comment or shoot me a note here, as well.

Again, my goal here was to create something more professional, as well as easy to navigate.   Does the Purchasing page feel at least somewhat professional?  And I am thinking of getting rid of the Brevity is the soul of wit section entirely … I tacked it on years ago, and now it feels superfluous and childish.

Speaking of my photos … I can’t resist running the one below again.  It’s trippy.  I love it.






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