A wolf arrives by mail …

Check out the wicked cool things that arrived for me in the mail as part of an art exchange with Jennifer Shepit!!

At left is her is her superb sketch of a wolf.  (I told her I loved this sketch when she first shared it via social media a while ago.)  As I am the wolf’s proud owner now, I will need to give her a proper wolf name, in the same manner as the wolves in my novel.  (I already figured her as part of the Long Walker Clan … she even looks a bit like Thorn.)

At right is a color wheel.  I’ve wanted to get my hands on one for a while, as the one I used to have was lost in a move.  They make great creativity prompts for poems and stories – you just select a color that speaks to your mood, and then attach it to an object (i.e., blue robot, red sea monster, violet cloud).  Then you let variations of the color filter through your mind (i.e., scarlet, crimson, blood-red, burgundy).  It’s a surprisingly effective technique.

Thanks, Jen!  😊




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