The Nolan Diet.

Heyyyyy, I’m losing weight. I think I lost 11 pounds since … I dunno, the last time I publicly whined about it here.

The trick is this — eat M&M’s in bed while watching Battlestar Galactica reruns, until Gaius Baltar’s shenanigans become so revolting that you inevitably drop M&M’s without realizing it.  Awakening after midnight, you find crushed M&M’s in your sheets like the sticky, crushed carcasses of blue- and orange-backed beetles.

You develop a revulsion toward M&M’s, and therefore eat less of them. (Less, fewer, whatever.) I’m a goddam genius.

Seriously, though, frak Gaius Baltar.


One thought on “The Nolan Diet.

  1. Hey, ya know; whatever works for ya! hahahahahha

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