I’m trying not to step on baby animals.

It’s harder than you’d think.  I swear I almost tripped over BOTH the rabbittwerps you see below.  The second one is the guy that mysteriously sits outside my doorstep, but then darts away whenever I open the door.  (I still haven’t figured that out yet.)  Please, no “Fatal Attraction” jokes if you’re responding to this blog entry on Facebook.  Only we 80’s kids get the reference, and everyone else can tell how old we are.

And it ain’t just rabbittwerps.  A friend out in Botetourt was showing me her garden last week when a fawn shot up and away maybe three feet from me … it startled me enough to make me jump.  I so wish I could have gotten a picture of that fawn, but I am not nearly fast enough.  They’re beautiful animals — the young one’s coats are the color of light coffee with soft, wide speckles of heavy cream.

Part of the irony here is that my friend’s brother (they’re both alumbuds of mine) makes absolutely incredible venison burgers.  I’m serious.


20170622_184711 (2)

20170623_202433 (2)



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