Who ya gonna call?

It is a simple matter to call your United States Congresspeople and ask them to compel the President to resign.

Calling 202-224-3121 will give you the Capitol switchboard, and providing your zip code will direct you to your representatives in the House of Representatives and in the Senate.

You can also find Free Speech for People’s petition to impeach the president here.  As of this writing, it has just shy of 1.4 million signatures.





The Poet’s Guide to Flirting with Police Officers

Here’s my plan, anyway.  I’m going to find out where that adorable lady cop’s regular patrol is, and then shoot past her in my car doing 70.  When she pulls me over and asks to see my license, I’ll just wink slyly and ask if she means my poetic license.

See where that gets me.





Mill Mountain in Roanoke, Virginia, July 2018 (video)

Again, Mill Mountain rises to about 1,750 feet, and I think my friends and I were at the overlook at or near its summit.  These videos don’t do justice to the view, although the second one at least gives you the best sense of looking down at the world.  The slope is so steep that peering down nearly induces vertigo.

I don’t know how true this is, but I read somewhere that Roanoke is the only American city with a mountain that is actually inside the city limits.