“Winter 1946,” Andrew Wyeth, 1946

Tempera on board.



Texas Tavern, Roanoke, Virginia

It isn’t in Texas and it isn’t a tavern.  It’s a family-owned, all-night burger joint that’s been around since 1930.  And it’s awesome.

That shot of Church Street is awful.  But I’m including it anyway, because New Yorkers simply cannot fathom how empty these streets can be — and quiet!  So often Roanoke seems like a scene in “The Quiet Earth” (1985).


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Photo of “Cookery 51-52” class, Mary Washington College, 1917

“Serving breakfasts, luncheons and dinners, with practice in different styles of table service; soups, entrees, sauces, salads and desserts, with various methods of preparation and garnishings. An opportunity for review of principles learned in Cookery 51-52 is given. One single and one double period per week for the session for non-teaching Seniors.”

— from the Bulletin of the State Normal School, Fredericksburg, Virginia, June, 1917



By University of Mary Washington [No restrictions], via Wikimedia Commons