Cover released for Peeking Cat Poetry Anthology 2017

Peeking Cat Poetry Magazine has released the cover for its annual anthology, as well as its release date — October 15th.

The cover, below, looks terrific.  Editor Samantha Rose also announced today that the magazine will be hosting an online book launch on the day of the release.  For more information, visit Peeking Cat’s website here.





Cover to “Weird Tales,” W. H. Silvey, May 1954

“Song in the Thicket” by Manly Banister.  Cover art by W. H. Silvey.

Yes, “Manly Banister” is indeed the author’s name.  He appears to have had several, so it’s a good bet this was a nom de plume.  (For comparison, his other names include “Gregg Powers” and, curiously, “Val Seanne.”)

Google him.  He … actually published a hell of a lot between 1942 and 1980.



Cover to “Amazing Stories,” A. Sigmond, February 1933

Teck Publishing.  The “Scientific Fiction” label is kind of interesting.

“A. Sigmond” has to got to be a pseudonym, right?  But these covers are awesome.  Who would want to remain anonymous for producing them?