“November, Blue Ridge Mountains, 1992,” by Eric Robert Nolan (recited by the author)

This is me reciting a very short love poem that I wrote in college.  “November, Blue Ridge Mountains, 1992” was first published in 2013 by the International Ware Veterans Poetry Archive.

November compelled us to visit the hills
Where ignorant rock and lofty pine
Were witness to our disregard
For strangeness, temptation and time.

But memories are sticky things.
Will any mountain ever let
Me dream again? Can I now
Feel rain without regret?



“The Poets’ Residences” (A rhyming couplet)

This was in response to a writing prompt yesterday at the launch event for the Peeking Cat 2017 Anthology.  We had 20 minutes to write a rhyming couplet as part of a contest.  (The instructions were to write a rhyming couplet on the subject of “books.”)

I came up with this in five.  I’d like to think it’s not altogether bad.

“The Poets’ Residences”

Like ordered hearts we line our tomes
Along the walls of lovelorn homes.


Oh!  There was another writing prompt with the subject of “cats.”  Here is the untitled couplet I came up with for that:

The finest cats are not all kittens;
Cougars often leave me smitten.

(Yeah, that kinda isn’t high art.)





Eric Robert Nolan reads “Roanoke Summer Midnight “

I was especially honored to see one of my recordings featured at today’s launch of the Peeking Cat Anthology 2017.  The poem I’m reading is “Roanoke Summer Midnight,” the same that was selected for the annual collection.

The video is below.  There are five poets featured reading their work; I am the fifth.  Mine is maybe a little harder to hear than the others, although it seems perfectly audible over headphones.  (My recording equipment here at home is truly rudimentary.)

I believe this is the first time I’d recorded myself reading my own work.  I hope that you enjoy it, along with the excellent other poets performing here.


Today is the launch day for the Peeking Cat Anthology 2017!

If you are inclined to peruse some of the year’s best indie lit, you can find a link to ordering information here.  (The anthology is available in hardcover and softcover, as well as in Kindle format.)  Be sure to check out my poem, “Roanoke Summer Midnight,” as well as poetry, prose, art and photography from 70 other contributors.

Editor Samantha Rose was also kind enough to interview me; you can find that right here.

Thanks, Sam, for the opportunity to see my work featured in this terrific independent literature anthology!





An excerpt from W. H. Auden’s “Hunting Season,” read by Eric Robert Nolan

This is only 20 seconds long; it consists of just one stanza from Auden’s poem.  Despite their brevity, however, I think that these few lines comprise one of the greatest breakup poems ever.


Publication Notice: “Roanoke Summer Midnight” will appear in the Peeking Cat Anthology 2017

I’m so pleased to share here that Peeking Cat Poetry Magazine has selected “Roanoke Summer Midnight” to appear in its 2017 Anthology.  I’m always honored to have my poetry selected for the magazine, but seeing my work appear in the annual anthology really is a special distinction.

The anthology will be published in October.  I’ll post ordering information here as it develops.

Thank you, Editor Samantha Rose!



Check out R.J. Davey’s poetry at his website.

My good friend and colleague R.J. Davey has created a website over at Tumblr to showcase his poetry, and I recommend that you peruse it:

R.J. Davey

The two poems that you can find there that I particularly enjoy are “Pre-Dawn” and “The Poet.”  I discovered them tonight, and I honestly think that they’re among Reg’s best.